Ravi is an exceptional and patient instructor, he teaches not just the absolute best driving tips on the day but focuses on Road Safety and Awareness during the entirety of my driving sessions with him. I was a mature student in my thirties and had never driven a car throughout my life and Ravi ensured he taught me well. A big thumbs up for the safe and excellent driving tips he has passed on, I cleared my test in the very first go, a far cry from my first lesson in the car where I knew too little to nothing of how a car works. Cheers Mate!!!

Hemanth Gajula

I had a couple of lessons with Ravi before my test and he was great! He was always very calm and patient, and his advice helped me pass my test first go. I was very anxious before my test, but the lessons helped calm my nerves and made the overall experience a lot less stressful.


Big thanks to Green Signals Driving School for accommodating me. They were really helpful with my queries and were very quick to reply to emails. Also very grateful to my instructor, Ravi, for helping me pass my drive test with only few lessons. He was patient and calm in giving instructions.

Oscar Wayne

I passed my driving test on my first go! I wanted to thank Ravi, who was always supporting and encouraging me during the lessons. I am so grateful for his guidance, patience as he ensures I understood every part of the road rules and clearly explained the details every time. I would highly recommend him as your driving instructor.

Vicky Singh

Very calm instructor Ravi and familiar with testing routes. Thanks to green signals driving school.

John Ownes

My experience with Green signals driving school has been nothing short of amazing. my instructor was patient and was willing to explain anything I was unsure of. the price is fair and they help organise your test once you’re ready. would definitely recommend!!

Josephine Davison

Ravi was very kind and friendly. Helped reduce my anxiety during the test.

Tharindu Wijekoon

Ravy supported me when I was nervous about the drive test and gave me lots of trips and tricks that play a crucial role during the test. He showcased lots of patience, professionalism, genuine and flexible. Once again thank you Ravy.


Very professional and experienced instructor. He makes things very easy. Things like left something behind, reverse parallel park and three point turn seems very stressful but he breaks them in parts and makes it easy. Lesson cost is reasonable and I’d suggest using his car for the test as it’s easy and smoother to drive. Highly recommended!

Arsh nandha

As an overseas license holder who has very minimal driving experience in Victoria, I passed my drive test after having 5 practice sessions with Ravy. Ravy was a great instructor, he was always on time and giving me clear instructions that helped me to be a qualified driver. He is also very familiar with the roads near a test venue. Highly recommend!

Jen Liang

Ravinder is a professional and really great with his instructions. He gets you to practice on probable test routes. The best thing is, for each lesson he walks you through the complete process right from pre-drive checks, the first stage and the final stage which simulates the official test.

Rahul Sadekar

Had a lesson with Ravi and passed my driving test in first attempt. His instructions were clear and precise. Highly recommended.

Amrit Singh

It was an awesome experience driving with Ravi. The service was excellent quality and professional He was very patient and encouraging. Definitely recommended.

Enakashi Sharma

Well If you ask me why I liked this school. I would just say: Very professional teaching. Very polite and respectful. Knowledgeable about the rules and is able to accurately correct my mistakes with just few minutes of drive, and provided great feedback. Highly recommended. What else one need?!

Sourav Sharma

Just got one lesson from him and here I am ….got passed in first time. Excellent teaching and communication skill. Much recommend Ravi is very professional.

Parth Singla

Ravi was excellent. Very professional, encouraging, and humorous! Thank you.

Gregg Web

If you are looking to brush up your driving skills or learn as a beginner, look no further ! Ravi was exceptional in giving constructive feedback and in helping me with all the techniques to drive safely and master them as a professional. My biggest fear was reverse parallel parking and he made it so easy for me . I parked like a pro during my test and passed my driving test in first attempt. Thanks Ravi !

Kalyani Gupta

Ravi has been very helpful and patient with me during my driving classes. Best experience and best instructor in Melbourne. Passing the test is guaranteed as long as you listen carefully and put to practice everything that you have learned from Green Signals Driving School.

Trish M

“Having had no driving experience behind the wheel whatsoever, I was very content with how much I learned the first lesson. Although uncomfortable driving at times (on certain roads and under certain conditions), I was overly impressed with the patience my instructor had. My nerves quickly vanished once I found out that the instructor has control of the accelerator and the brake and can reach over and take control of the wheel whenever things get out of hand. My first lesson went way better than expected.”

Gabriella H.

“Green Signals Driving School has been amazing! They booked my last two appointments in time for my license test even when I gave them late notice, they are super helpful! Also, the driving instructor Ravi is amazing! This school is extremely worth checking out!”

Vikram S

“The service was fantastic, and I had a great experience driving and learning from you guys! Thank you so much! Ravi was very calm and made the driving instruction easy and smooth! ”

Vicente S.

“My daughter took her driving lessons with Green Signals Driving School. She really enjoyed having her lessons with Ravi. I highly recommend him for being a friendly and approachable instructor and making the lesson fun.”

Larissa L.